Complaints Policy

Clarion Wealth Planning Limited (CWP) undertakes to handle complaints in accordance with the rules laid down by our Regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. Robin Townsend is the nominated member of senior management who has overall responsibility for dealing with complaints at CWP.

We will:

  • Where possible we will try to resolve your complaint the same day as receipt by way of a phone call or within 24 hours at the most.
  • Acknowledge your complaint within five working days of receipt of your call or correspondence.
  • Acknowledge a verbal complaint with confirmation of our understanding, in writing, so that we can be sure we understand your concerns.
  • Investigate your complaint in a timely manner, although there may be unavoidable delay where we are required to obtain information from external sources.
  • Make every effort to conclude the investigation within 4 weeks.  If we are unable to do this we will write to you to confirm why.  We will also indicate how long you may expect to wait.
  • If by 8 weeks we have still been unable to issue a decision letter we will write to you to give our reasons, indicate how long we expect the continuing investigation to take and confirm your right to refer the matter to the Ombudsman Service.  An explanatory booklet will be provided.
  • When the complaint investigation has been concluded we will send to you a final response letter to inform you of the outcome.  This will confirm the basis of the conclusion reached and will advise you of your right to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service should you remain dissatisfied.  An explanatory booklet will be provided, unless enclosed with earlier correspondence. Please see the following link for more details: 
  • Please note that The Ombudsman will expect us to investigate a complaint and issue a final response letter before he will adjudicate.