True lifelong financial planning for the serious business of life.

True lifelong financial planning
for the serious business of life.

Chartered Financial Planner Ella Davies explains how our cashflow modelling can help clients with complex finances visualise their financial future with confidence to fulfil their lifetime goals. 

As a business owner, it is common to have complicated finances, particularly if your business has been running for some years and your personal finances are intertwined.  

We find that business owners are very driven which can often result in the growth and success of the business becoming the priority, over and above their own personal finances. However, it is important you carve out time to focus on your family’s personal goals and objectives. 

Whether your business is in its early stages, or you are ready to sell, restructure or pass it on, we can help you. 

There are many key areas for business owners to consider when contemplating their later life and family’s financial planning. 

Before moving on to the technicalities, first and foremost, we encourage clients to consider what they want their life to look like, the experiences they would like to have and the type of life they would like their family to lead.  

Without doubt, this is the most important stage of the process and helps us get to know our clients and plan for their personal goals. At this stage, the conversation isn’t centred around the facts and figures of the financial plan, but more the softer facts and the emotions behind their business exit strategy.  

In this respect, we use cashflow modelling to help clients visualise their current position and trajectory, building in different scenarios using variables such as increased expenditure, taxation, different exit strategies and different levels of investment returns. During this process, we encourage clients to be as open as possible, and we will help answer such questions as: 

  • When can I retire? 
  • Can I exit my business sooner than expected?
  • How much do I need to support my retirement and/or next project?

Through our modelling we can pinpoint exact timescales, investment returns and cash requirements. This in turn helps with the psychological aspects of a business exit as you will be safe in the knowledge you have ‘enough’ to meet your long-term objectives. Or in the case where there is a shortfall, we can help you understand what is needed to meet this and implement a plan to do so. 

Staying with this thread, Clarion previously commissioned a piece of independent research on this subject entitled ‘Enough Now’ 

Ron Walker, Founder of Clarion Wealth Planning, said at the time: “We commissioned the independent research to understand the key factors that influence business owners’ thinking, as well as the central pressures they face. The research will give both business owners and their professional advisors a unique, firsthand insight into the complex emotions involved in selling what is often the result of decades of hard work.” 

To read the executive summary of the ‘Enough Now’ research, click here. 

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