Clarion is in the business of true lifelong financial planning, not just financial advice. Here, one of our Chartered Financial Planners and Chairman of the Clarion Investment Committee Sam Petts explains why Clarion is unique and what this means for clients.

Sam said: “It all comes down to our bespoke service. Anyone who comes on-board at Clarion has a team that makes sure we don’t miss anything or leave any stone unturned.

“We have a lot of technical knowledge, experience, people skills, and a lot of highly qualified individuals, up to the highest level of Chartered Financial Planners.

“We have a dual approach- a financial plan which is built, and then the investments that get plugged into that to meet an individual’s objectives over the long term. It’s a tried and tested approach with the firm having been around for 35 years and our investments around 12 years.”

Experience true financial planning at our cost: contact Sam Petts to book a free initial consultation meeting at which is backed by our Clarion Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the value of the service you have received after the fourth meeting, when you receive your written financial plan, we will waive all fees.

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