True lifelong financial planning for the serious business of life.

True lifelong financial planning
for the serious business of life.

Clarion is in the business of true lifelong financial planning, and this week John Winstanley, Financial Planner and Business Development Director at Clarion, has shared what that means for family finances, retirement, and selling a business, as part of Financial Planning Month in October. 

Here John explains the Clarion Way of financial planning.



John on the Clarion Way:

“It is important not to rush the process of appointing a financial planner. At Clarion, it is not our style to have just one meeting before you become a client. We have an initial meeting to get to know about each individual and their families, and for them to get to know about us as a business. This allows us both the opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each other.

“We then conduct a discovery meeting, to get more details and to allow us to build a picture before giving advice. This is followed by a third meeting to go through our initial strategic plan and to advise clients what we think they should be doing to improve their financial position. Only then, if they are happy with the financial plan, would we actually bring them on board as a client.

“Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Financial planning is an evolving work in process. Every year when we meet to review a client’s plan, things will have changed, and we make sure that clients have all the necessary information to enable them to make informed decisions about their financial future. This allows them to live a fulfilled life and enjoy the ‘now’, safe in the knowledge that they have a secure, robust financial strategy which stand the test of time.

“The Clarion Way is to invest time in clients. We truly care about the people that we work with and the client outcomes our work supports.

“We have worked this way over decades, celebrating our 35th anniversary this year. Many of the clients that are with us today have been with us from our early days. A large proportion of new clients and referrals come from existing clients, which is a testament to the work that we do.

“The Clarion Way is to look after people, to provide solutions, and to deliver quality financial advice in style, so you can live your life in full in the way you choose.”

Experience true financial planning at our cost: contact John Winstanley to book a free initial consultation meeting at, which is backed by our Clarion Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the value of the service you have received after the fourth meeting, when you receive your written financial plan, we will waive all fees.

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