Meet Geoff Lord, who after a lifetime in the financial sector, values strong personal relationships when doing business – making Clarion a perfect fit for his family’s financial planning needs. 

The retired stockbroker from Stockport and his wife of 42 years, Wendy, have been clients of Clarion Wealth Planning since 2017. The advice they receive has allowed them to enjoy their shared interest of travelling the world, trusting their investments are being managed to support their lifestyle. 

Geoff said: “Keith Thompson (Clarion’s chairman) had been a client of mine during my stockbroking years; one of those people who it was always great to pick up the phone to speak to. He is just a lovely man and the main reason I joined Clarion.

“I had had other financial advisors and had crossed paths with Keith at other firms. In 2017, I had lost faith in my advisor, he just wasn’t giving the support and advice my wife and I needed.

“Keith called me up and said he had become chairman at Clarion and would I be interested in having a chat. So, I met with Keith and his colleague Sam Petts, who became our financial advisor.

“Having worked in financial services one of the big things for me is trust. I trusted Keith because I knew him so well. The first time I met Sam I realised he was someone I could trust too. Being in the business for so long, you quickly learn to tell who the good guys are.

“I had acquired 10 per cent of the equity in WH Ireland while I was with them which I had seen dwindle to virtually nothing. New management came in, turned the company round then floated it on the stock market in 2000 and I suddenly had a big wodge of cash.

“I retired in 2011 and before Covid, we spent a lot of time travelling abroad – five or six holidays a year; the Far East, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, China, Cambodia, most of Europe and over to Cuba, America and Egypt a few times. One of our sons lives down in London so we would go and visit him a few times a year as well.

“The big thing for me when we came over to Clarion was maximising income so the investments were structured in such a way that we got a good income to support our lifestyle.

“I would class our profile low to medium risk so Sam has structured our portfolio to that end. There has never been any pressure put on me to do any investments that I wouldn’t want to do. Sam knows exactly where we are heading, and everything is structured with that in mind.

“We have the yearly planning meeting, but we also meet socially three or four times a year as well. If there is ever anything to discuss though I know I can just pick up the phone or we will go in. I probably see him once every couple of months at the moment.

“During the pandemic, they kept in contact. I always knew Sam was at the end of a phone or an email if I ever needed anything. They regularly send the Clarion newsletter, there is always good advice in it, and it never stopped during that period.

“Following on from our last yearly meeting, Sam made some suggestions regarding estate planning as well as our investments that we will be following up on.

“The investments are invested soundly and as we wish. I have every confidence in Clarion. Trust and confidence are the main things.

“My sister, her husband and son, my brother, and my eldest son are all Clarion clients now because of what a good experience I have had with them. It is exactly the way business should run: word of mouth, recommendations. Whether it is an electrician or a plumber or an investment advisor it needs to be someone you can trust to do the job.

“I have nothing but good things to say about the company; they even have beautiful offices – it is worth going along just for them! They set the tone perfectly from the minute you step over the threshold.”

Geoff added: “And Clarion takes care of its clients far beyond financial planning.

My mother passed away three years ago and at that time we were having trouble with a trust my father had opened before he died. It was a bit of a nightmare, the trust papers were lost and so on.

“Sam recommended a solicitor to work it out for us and they were absolutely excellent. It is not just Clarion’s excellent services you benefit from but their fantastic contacts as well.”


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