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Notebook Clarion meeting minutes

The Clarion Investment Committee Minutes – 7th February

Review Risk Management, Eligibility and Investment and Borrowing Powers The Committee reviewed risk management, eligibility and investment & borrowing reports and confirmed that these were in order and no action was required. The relative VAR ratio for Prudence remained above the higher threshold of 120. This was due to StatPro’s choice of proxies used for […]

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Matt Sherratt Clarion Wealth Management

Meet the Clarion Family

This month we meet our Finance Manager, Matt Sherratt to find out how he took his first steps into financial planning, what keeps him awake at night and what he thinks makes Clarion so unique.

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Stock market performance

Goldilocks, The Inflation Bear and a Stock Market Correction

In the late 1970s inflation in the US was well into double figures and prompted Ronald Reagan to declare that “Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man”. Interest rates were also uncomfortably into double figures and this unhappy state of affairs continued […]

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Will it be worth it?

Jonnie Whittle reflects on sharp suits and the process of taking expert advice. Business owners are famously self-reliant people. Building a successful business means trusting your own instincts, taking calculated risks, and processing a great deal of information about the world in order to make sure the decisions made are the right ones. Historically and […]

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Financial crisis newspaper headlines

The Power of Hindsight and Foresight in Financial Markets

Hindsight is a powerful but deceptive phenomenon. Inherently unpredictable events are remembered as being completely obvious after the dust has settled. But what about foresight; how useful is that in making investment decisions? Understandably investors would give a great deal for tomorrow’s news. Forewarned is to be forearmed, or so they say, but prior knowledge […]

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Bitcoin image

Cryptic Cryptocurrencies

Sam Petts, financial planner at Clarion, takes a closer look at cryptocurrencies and the bitcoin phenomenon. Cryptocurrencies are created by running powerful computer servers which solve mathematical problems to generate codes, which can then be sold off to investors. Bitcoin was the earliest and now the biggest digital currency created in 2009. The digital currency […]

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Notebook Clarion meeting minutes

The Clarion Investment Committee Minutes – 10th January 2018

Economic Outlook  As this was the first Investment Committee Meeting of 2018, the Committee felt it would be useful to review the major global developments of 2017. Three key points stand out: General elections, Brexit negotiations and the threat of international disputes dominated 2017, Despite the turbulent political backdrop, global growth accelerated compared with 2016, […]

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Clarion meeting hands

5 things to look for in a good financial planner

When you find the right financial planner, you will be embarking on long-term relationship. So, what should you be looking for?   Someone who will give you time The right financial planner will never rush their clients into making a financial plan. Their goal is to be able to say: “Yes, that’s it, we know […]

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Empty notebook

Uncertainty Equals Opportunity

Brexit negotiations are in full swing and the British Government has now agreed to honour all of its financial obligations to the European Union (EU). This commitment puts the estimated gross cost in the region of £85 billion and covers all outstanding budget commitments, including the pension liabilities of European employees. A final figure is […]

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