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Has COVID-19 changed financial planning meetings forever?

Clarion chartered financial planner Peter Butcher takes a look at how the lockdown has changed how we communicate with clients and whether that change will be permanent. Video conferencing software has been available for several years, but it is only now that it has been truly embraced. The benefits of Zoom are clear; the reduction […]

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What you should expect from your financial planner in lockdown

After his shock at research revealing one in four clients had not heard from their IFA during the Covid-19 crisis, our business development director John Winstanley takes a look at what service you should expect from your financial planner in lockdown. We are hearing a lot about the “new normal” in terms of how business is being done during the coronavirus outbreak. Many businesses […]

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A lot of advice, not a lot of advisors: the value of earned wisdom in a successful sale

Clarion Wealth Planning’s independent study into the psychology of selling a business has revealed the best guidance when planning a sale comes from those who had been through the experience –  and the professionals. A sale of a business may be more difficult and prolonged than many owners expected. Ron Walker, founder of Clarion Wealth, […]

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Clarion Wealth staff portraits Ron Walker

Light through the trees – a personal view from our Founder

First, a confession – I am an eternal optimist; apparently, it is difficult to live with. My wife Anne says that if she came through the door with an arm missing, I would say: “It’s good that you still have one arm and think of all the great things you can still do”. Although that […]

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Keith Thompson

Market and economic commentary: Time to reflect

As always, we sincerely hope that all our clients, their families and friends are managing to stay well in these unprecedented and challenging times. Putting to one side the human tragedy and cost in terms of lives lost and health care, there is no doubt that as investors we are living through challenging and unsettling […]

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Illustration of effect of coronavirus on stock market

Market and economic commentary: March coronavirus crisis

Markets have seen a significant and rapid sell-off during the past four weeks as Covid-19 has moved from a distant threat to a local concern, causing growing fear and panic. The key points are summarised below and expanded later within this commentary by our chairman Keith Thompson. It is likely that markets have overreacted to […]

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Woman with a face mask in front of a world map

Coronavirus, panic and stock markets

We can’t pretend to have anything new to say about the coronavirus except that we hope our clients and their families are keeping safe and well and free from the disease. Also, like everyone else we hope the pain and suffering of those people affected by the virus will soon dissipate. In these difficult days […]

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Enough now title with purple background

Enough Now Executive Summary

The Enough Now study helps successful business owners understand and prepare for the impact of selling a business and allow professional advisors to better support them through the challenging process. Having assisted hundreds of clients through the process, Clarion Wealth Planning identified that the decision to sell a business – and the emotional toll it takes on […]

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Person with black hair wearing a medical face mask in public

Market and economic commentary: Coronavirus, February’s black swan event

Almost four years after the European Referendum and nearly 50 years after first joining, the UK has now left the European Union. Brexit is finally done although we are still in a period of transition until the end of 2020 and for now at least most of us will hardly notice any difference. While not […]

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