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Sam Petts of Clarion Wealth Planning

How to build an ‘all-weather’ portfolio for every outlook

Chairman of the Clarion Investment Committee and chartered financial planner Sam Petts shares his insight into investment strategies and wealth management, particularly in a time of turmoil.   In a post-pandemic world, what should wealthy individuals – or even those with extra money having sold a business for example – be investing their money in?  […]

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Ron Walker Founder of Clarion Wealth Planning

Look for the light: reflecting on 2020 and the coming year

In his New Year message, Clarion Founder Ron Walker reflects on 2020 and the rays of light penetrating the gloom that should be taken as our guiding lights for the next 12 months. Those venerable global organisations the United Nations and the World Health Organisation declared 2020 as, respectively, ‘year of plant health’ and ‘year of […]

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What does the Covid-19 pandemic have to do with Capital Gains Tax? 

What does the Covid-19 pandemic have to do with Capital Gains Tax? The coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on public sector finances and will continue to do so for many years to come. Increasing Capital Gains Tax is one option available to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to help him balance the books […]

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Time to take the temperature of your investment portfolios

“Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes.” Ralph Waldo Emmerson, American philosopher Despite the imminence of Brexit and the political drama of the recent US Presidential election, the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate headlines, in both the media and within financial markets. The post US Presidential election world is growing a little clearer, […]

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